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ПОМОГИТЕ!! Пожалуйста тест по английскому!!!

Task 3 Use the words in the appropriate form. Do you believe that some jobs are more ____________1 (suit) for men and some occupations are more appropriate for women? If you do, don’t tell John Tailor about it! He is a teacher in a nursery school and loves his job very much. He took up that job as a temporary one, and at first he didn’t take it _____________ 2 (serious). Brining up and _____________3 (teach) young children is a good job for women – this is the stereotype. John applied for the job ____________4 (main) because he needed money and because he hadn’t been able to find anything appropriate for several months. «It’s a prejudice», says John Tailor, “to think that men are not as good with little kids as women are. This prejudice ____________5 (courage) many men from working in schools. It’s only through experience that I found out how interesting, ____________6 (demand) and rewarding this job is. Kids can’t forgive lies and indifference, they never justify ____________7 (betray) and unfairness. They bring me up too – every minute and every day. Very often I have a feeling as if I were taking an exam. A «good guy» qualification exam! And I feel a great job____________8 (satisfy). Being a teacher is a job for clever, strong and _____________9 (ambition) men. »